This is Helsinki

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Helsinki Market Square and the Presidential Palace

This is the oldest and most central area in the capital of Finland. What´s in the picture? Let´s find out. The church in the top right corner probably looks familiar to most. It´s the Helsinki Cathedral, opened in 1852. It´s probably the most iconic building in Helsinki. Construction of the church was ordered by the Russian czar Alexander I after … Read More

Helsinki South Harbor during sunset

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Luoto, Klippan, Helsinki, Finland

South Harbor in Helsinki is the packed bay right in front of the oldest part of the city. In the bottom of the bay you´ll have the Market Square, backed by the Presidential palace, Helsinki Town Hall and the embassy of Sweden. Large passenger ferries traveling to Estonia and Sweden dock on both sides of the South Harbor bay; in … Read More

Sunset in Suomenlinna fortress island in Helsinki

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Suomenlinna fortress

This is Suomenlinna fortress island during sunset in Helsinki, Finland. The building on the foreground is the island church which also doubles as a fully functional lighthouse. In the background you´ll see 2 smaller islands belonging to it. They have residential buildings (yes, people actually live there!) and some buildings belonging to the Finnish Defence Forces. Also Finnish Navy and … Read More