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Helsinki Market Square and the Presidential Palace

This is the oldest and most central area in the capital of Finland. What´s in the picture? Let´s find out.

The church in the top right corner probably looks familiar to most. It´s the Helsinki Cathedral, opened in 1852. It´s probably the most iconic building in Helsinki. Construction of the church was ordered by the Russian czar Alexander I after he ordered then really small Helsinki to become the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland. (Finland was then part of Russian empire but still somewhat “stand-alone” entity called Grand Duchy of Finland.)

The buildings surrounding the square include for example the University of Helsinki and Finnish government´s offices.

In the middle you´ll see a yellow building on the northern (right) edge of Market Square (by the sea). It´s the presidential palace. Next to that, along the Market Square are the City Hall of Helsinki and the Swedish embassy.

Below them is the market square and you´ll also see the Suomenlinna ferry docked and ready to take tourists and residents to Suomenlinna fortress island.

The white building in the foreground is the headquarter of forestry enterprise Stora-Enso. (Formerly, when the building was constructed, known as Enso-Gutzeit) Building designed by famous Finnish architecht Alvar Aalto was finished in 1962. Through decades it has been criticized for being too modern for it´s surroundings. And what´s worse, having replaced old and according to public opinion, fancier building. However the Stora-Enso building was officially protected in 2010 as a prime example of architecture from it´s era.


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This is Helsinki Market Square on the map: