Winter Sea Pool In Helsinki

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Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki

Have you tried swimming outdoors when it´s absolytely freezing outside? Finland offers some exotic winter activities for those not afraid of cold. But despite looking kinda cold, the Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki offers quite comfortable experience. The biggest pool that is lowered almost to the sea level is actually heated to comfortable temperature of 28 degress. If you are really not afraid of cold, you can try swimming in the other pool (backgroud) that has just cold seawater in it…

The Allas Sea Pool can be found right in the center of Helsinki. It´s located on the Market Square. The building in the background is the President´s palace and ferries to Suomenlinna fortress island depart from the pier you can see behind the pool. You can walk to the pool from downtown in 10-15 minutes.


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This is Allas Sea Pool on the map: