Beautiful sunset in Skillinge, Sweden

Town of Skillinge in Skåne, southern Sweden
Town of Skillinge in Skåne, southern Sweden
This is a small coastal town of Skillinge in southern Sweden, in a province called Skåne.

Have you been to Skillinge in southern Sweden? It´s a nice coastal town with old houses, a marina and large open fields surrounding it. For me it was one of those places you visit once and it just sticks in your memory forever.

I really spent only a while of one evening in Skillinge in the summer of 2009. We were on a road trip through Sweden with my spouse and son. Staying near neighboring town of Simrishamn, we had been spending all day on a beach in and after a dinner at the guesthouse where we stayed we wanted to somewhere again. So we jumped in the car and drove some half an hour to Skillinge – just a random place we looked up on a map that we figured would be nice. And it was nice, real nice.

Soon it´ll be 10 years since this roadtrip from Stockholm to Skillinge and beyond, but this photo keeps on living.

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This is the Skillinge, Sweden on the map: