Winter Sea Pool In Helsinki

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Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki

Have you tried swimming outdoors when it´s absolytely freezing outside? Finland offers some exotic winter activities for those not afraid of cold. But despite looking kinda cold, the Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki offers quite comfortable experience. The biggest pool that is lowered almost to the sea level is actually heated to comfortable temperature of 28 degress. If you are … Read More

Dark Finland

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Church of Hyvinkää

It does get dark in Finland. During winter time the sun never really rises for several months in the north, and usually the southern parts of the country get dark quite early in the afternoon. Grey is the colour that surrounds everytihing. Unfortunately with snow it only gets slightly better. Usually it´s just cloudy and grey. Like arabs have many … Read More

The Finnish Archipelago

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Finnish archipelago in eastern part of Gulf of Finland

The Finnish archipelago is the largest in the world: there are hundreds of islands from the Russian border up to the very end of Gulf of Bothnia. All in the Finnish coastline of the Baltic Sea. The archipelago and sea are great part of the Finnish identity and culture. This photo is taken in the very eastern part of Finland. … Read More

Truth about raking Finnish forrests uncovered

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Finnish forrest

(Above is a photo of a Finnish forrest with it´s unraked floor clearly visible.) American president Donald Trump recently (Nov. 2018) started another internet extravaganza when he visited Californian area that was affected by huge wildfires. Trump made a statement where he explained how the president of Finland had told him how Finland takes cares of it´s forrests. According to … Read More

Amos Rex, the most popular museum in Helsinki in 2018

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Amos Rex museum in Helsinki, Finland

  This is the unique courtyard of the Amos Rex art museum in Helsinki, Finland. Amos Rex was opened in 2018 and immediately became a sensation rarely seen among Finnish museums. Most days since the opening people have been queuing to see the unique exhibition space built underground where once was the main bus station of Helsinki.   What is … Read More

Kustaanmiekka strait in Helsinki

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Boat in Kustaanmiekka strait in Helsinki

Kustaanmiekka is actually the southernmost island of a group of islans that form the Suomenlinna sea fortress. Most part of the Suomenlinna fortifications are located on the Kustaanmiekka island. The name Kustaanmiekka commonly refers to the 81 meters wide strait between Kustaanmiekka island and the neighboring Susisaari island. What´s special about Kustaanmiekka strait is that it´s the only way for … Read More

This is Old Helsinki

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Old Helsinki, the senate square and Helsinki Cathedral

Once upon a time in 1809 a war between Sweden and Russia ended in Russian victory and a then pretty much irrelevant piece of land called Finland became part of Russian empire. The Russians wanted to transfer the capital of Finland from Turku (closer to Sweden) to Helsinki (closer to St. Petersburg) and that´s what they did. Russians wanted to … Read More

Broken Finnish Sauna

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Broken Sauna in Finland

Sauna death match the Finnish style Did you know that Finland is called the country of thousands of lakes? At least Finns themselves like to call it that. So Finns love their lakes. And did you know what is the biggest stereotype of Finns? Correct. They like to throw away their clothes and hang out in a boiling hot, steamy … Read More

This is Helsinki

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Helsinki Market Square and the Presidential Palace

This is the oldest and most central area in the capital of Finland. What´s in the picture? Let´s find out. The church in the top right corner probably looks familiar to most. It´s the Helsinki Cathedral, opened in 1852. It´s probably the most iconic building in Helsinki. Construction of the church was ordered by the Russian czar Alexander I after … Read More

Sunset in Suomenlinna fortress island in Helsinki

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Suomenlinna fortress

This is Suomenlinna fortress island during sunset in Helsinki, Finland. The building on the foreground is the island church which also doubles as a fully functional lighthouse. In the background you´ll see 2 smaller islands belonging to it. They have residential buildings (yes, people actually live there!) and some buildings belonging to the Finnish Defence Forces. Also Finnish Navy and … Read More