Winter Sea Pool In Helsinki

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Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki

Have you tried swimming outdoors when it´s absolytely freezing outside? Finland offers some exotic winter activities for those not afraid of cold. But despite looking kinda cold, the Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki offers quite comfortable experience. The biggest pool that is lowered almost to the sea level is actually heated to comfortable temperature of 28 degress. If you are … Read More

Remarkable architechture of Oodi, the new library in Helsinki

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Oodi library in Helsinki

Finland is famous for it´s publicly funded services that are available to all the citizen with little or no extra cost. (Meaning that of course they have paid for them with their taxes.) It´s libraries are something the whole Finland is especially proud of. Now Helsinki has completed a huge investment in just that: a new public library right in … Read More

WWI era Russian fortress in Finland

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WW1 Russian Fortress in Finland

Look down every once in a while and you´ll be surprised what you might find! I flew my drone once and found a WWI era Russian Frotress like that! This thing in the photo really is the ruins of a Russian fortress where construction seemed to be halted about 100 years ago. This place is about 15 min walk from … Read More

Amos Rex, the most popular museum in Helsinki in 2018

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Amos Rex museum in Helsinki, Finland

  This is the unique courtyard of the Amos Rex art museum in Helsinki, Finland. Amos Rex was opened in 2018 and immediately became a sensation rarely seen among Finnish museums. Most days since the opening people have been queuing to see the unique exhibition space built underground where once was the main bus station of Helsinki.   What is … Read More

Kustaanmiekka strait in Helsinki

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Boat in Kustaanmiekka strait in Helsinki

Kustaanmiekka is actually the southernmost island of a group of islans that form the Suomenlinna sea fortress. Most part of the Suomenlinna fortifications are located on the Kustaanmiekka island. The name Kustaanmiekka commonly refers to the 81 meters wide strait between Kustaanmiekka island and the neighboring Susisaari island. What´s special about Kustaanmiekka strait is that it´s the only way for … Read More

This is Old Helsinki

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Old Helsinki, the senate square and Helsinki Cathedral

Once upon a time in 1809 a war between Sweden and Russia ended in Russian victory and a then pretty much irrelevant piece of land called Finland became part of Russian empire. The Russians wanted to transfer the capital of Finland from Turku (closer to Sweden) to Helsinki (closer to St. Petersburg) and that´s what they did. Russians wanted to … Read More